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The emotional response to the music, How brain scan it

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  • Jan 27, 2021

It is being discovered by researchers that our brain reacts to the sound and music when it comes to our ear. There are some neural activities happen when we hear any sound and music. It automatically stimulates the mechanism and sends reactive current waves in our brain. Researchers are trying to identify what type of neural mechanism happen when our brain responds to the music and how these emotional responses are happening. In all there are 102 search subjects who are identified by the researchers that results in subjected to listen music that evokes emotions while their brain functions and process was scanned by functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The study was very hard to carry out and it needed a lot of patience and expertise mind and this was possible at national PET centre. The researcher told that they uses a specific machine learning algorithm to do mapping in the activated regions of brain, it was analyzed by different music genre so that a dimensional data can be recorded with different varieties.

Researchers were able to predict whether the subject is of which kind if it is happy or sad music based on the activation of the auditory and motor cortex. Through this research it will be very easy to resolve someone’s problem just by listening to it.  The auditory cortex process is the acoustic element of music, such as rhythm and music. When the cortex is in the process then again it is related to the fact that somehow music inspires the movement in listeners even when they are listening to the music while they are kept still in a MRI machine. The researchers also develop that there are some regions in our brain which are highly active when we listen or see any video which provokes the movement in our body. They are finding why the region is so responsive when someone see this emotional seen or hear music which gives a sensation of sad or happy feeling. They tested if that region also does movement when people hear normal music or it is just the emotions which are causing these movements.

The analysis give a brief report and suggest that emotions constantly enhanced by films and music  and stimulates few parts and make them react accordingly, it is partially based on the operation of different mechanism in brain. If someone is watching a film then there is an active process happened inside a brain which regulate emotions in real life situation. And they started acting as a particular character because their brain says it suits you and you should do and follow the active emotions that’s what the brain chemical tells individual to do it every time. This is because the films are more like realistic life and we practice to trust the virtual things in our real life events.