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A quantum phenomenon in nanomaterials, described by a theory

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  • Jan 27, 2021

A mathematical formula is developed by the Yoshimichi Teratani and Akira Oguri of Osaka City University, and Rui Sakano of the University of Tokyo. In this formula, it is told that there is a physical phenomenon happening within the quantum dots and other nano-sized material. The formula will help to change the current algorithms and it can also change the point of view of many scientist and can act as a lead to such more discoveries. The further application of formula also explains about theoretical research of quantum dots, ultra-cold atomic gases and quarks.

This formula is generated by few scientists from the University of Tokyo. Talking about this formula, it leads to give origin to an effect which is known as Kondo effect. In 1964, many years back this formula was described by some Japanese physicist who has this immense knowledge of quantum physics and atomic gases which are present in the nature having zig zag movement in between the particles and can tell the nature of matter with the help of joining quantum dots.

In general physics, what happen is as the electrical resistance drops in metals the temperature also drops very gradually. It is because they are directly proportional to each other. But talking about metals which include some impurities and these impurities are magnetic impurities. This can only be possible at a critical temperature and beyond that the process will fail down, and the resistance rises with dropping temperature. Scientist were eventually able to show that at a very low temperature when it almost approaches to zero, there are some inner moments which can be seen like electrons spin become rapid with the increase in magnetic impurities, so while this process is happening at its own speed there are clouds formed that screen the magnetism. The temperature when changes result in change of shape of clouds which eventually changes the magnitude of magnetism. So what happen here is the change in cloud is connected to the resistance provided when the cloud changes, there is a change can be seen in magnetism and with the magnetism the change in resistance is also there. The rise in resistance can be seen. The formula indicates that the electrons interact in this whole process or system in some different ways and it is not seen but can be recorded that there are two different ways that helps in contribution of Kondo effect. First two electrons collide with each other forming well-defined quasiparticles that always move within the cloud which is formed by the Kondo effect and it is known as Kondo cloud. This process takes place when two electrons combine with third electron which cause a drastic shift of energy and so the shift of quasiparticles also takes place.