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Air Purifier Robot Was Developed By Kanpur Based Students

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  • Dec 07, 2020

Pranjal and Aarendra who studies in class 11 have built a robot that can soak up maximum amount of pollutants present around a certain area of device covering a range of perimeter and gives a fresh air to the persons who are very nearer to the device it acts as a full function purifier. On the occasion of Diwali there will be increase in pollution whether you ban crackers in almost every part of the country the people will take part to burst it because their philosophy says that this festival comes once a year, the bursting of crackers release very polluting smoke which can harmfully affect the environment. The air quality will become severe in many parts of the country and due to stubble burning the air quality also decreased in many states. To combat and reduce this kind of pollution, two students from Kanpur studying in class 11 have developed a unique robot that can perform various functions and operations that can soak up pollutants from the air, which acts like a purifier. Pranjal and Aarendra have built the Air Purifier Robot which comes with an air purifier machine attached to it and it fully automated and acts like a human mind and the technology is of high level.

With rising air pollution, they thought of building a robot that could purify the air in the environment and soak pollutants at the same time. They have installed a purifier within the device for this purpose so that it is not necessary to unplug it every time you use it. You can give commands according to your need and it will run/ walk like the way you want. The pollutants are very small that are present in the air so it is a very minute work to filter those pollutant from the air. When operational, the robot can filter the polluted air and release clean air into the atmosphere whereas, the polluted particles will remain behind in the air filter inside.

The students first demonstrated this tech art to their own principal, Pooja Awasthi. The principal highly praised their work and announce it to whole school so that they feel honored and motivated. They got recommendation from their teaching staff also. “Pranjal is our future scientist; he has also helped a lot in the school lab. I am incredibly proud of the boy and the robot that he has built” she said. Air pollution is a major concern of recent times and therefore, his inventions seems more worthy than ever. These innovation help children of our country to grow and think more dynamically because in the future time we need children and upcoming scientist like these because the climate change is happening at a very rapid speed and so to control it we need to start taking steps from now onwards because when it is at basic level we can easily stop it but if it rise to a level where it is unstoppable no machine and human can stop it. One of the most important things is that these innovations are not just hard work of 2-3 days but it takes a lot of time so we should give a high consideration for these new inventions. Many students get motivation from these awesome ideas. In a similar initiative, a group of teenagers in Delhi built a robot to protect healthcare workers by reducing their contact with novel coronavirus patients devised the idea and launched it post the declaration of a 21 day nationwide lockdown by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.