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Alzheimer the Demise of Consciousness, Happiness, and Memories

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  • Feb 18, 2020
Alzheimer disease is a condition which usually causes memory loss and affects the thinking skills of a person due to death of the brain cells. It is one of the most of the common kind of dementia which usually happen when the plaques that contain beta amyloid start developing in the brain. Preclinical, mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer dementia are three stages of this disease in which MCI is further divided into amnestic and non-amnestic. One of the most common sign of Alzheimer can be forgetting any recent activities or events. But if not treated on time it can further create serious memory problem and can impact the day to day life of a person. Some of the other common symptoms of the Alzheimer can be:
  • Memory Loss
  • Inability to manage daily tasks
  • Vision problems
  • Felling frustrated & confused
  • Mood swings
  • Communication Problems
  • Feeling Disoriented
  • Problem associated with focusing
One should immediately consult a doctor if they think they observe such signs so that they can get their mental & physical health evaluated for better understanding. Now the question is how is Alzheimer disease diagnosed ? There is no specific test available which will help the person to identify whether they have Alzheimer or not. Usually different approaches and techniques are used by the physicians so they can identify it easily. It includes:
  • Medical history: The healthcare provider will go through the overall health history of the patient and will also observe the behavioral changes in the patient. They will also look into the family medical history to make sure that whether someone in the past was suffering from same condition or not.
  • Physical exam and diagnostic tests: These tests will help the doctor to identify different health problems which can also be considered as the leading factor for dementia such as thyroid problems, vitamin deficiency, untreated sleep apnea, depressions, and others.
  • Neurological exams: This will help the healthcare provider to evaluate whether the patient is going through any brain disorders such as brain tumors, fluid accumulation, Parkinson’s disease and others. With this the doctor will be evaluating different parameters such as eye movement, speech, sensation, coordination, muscle tone & strength and reflexes.
  • Mental status tests: This test is done to check whether the patient is able to solve the basic problems or not.
  • Brain imaging: Brain imaging usually includes magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography which is done to check the other conditions which are similar to Alzheimer and requires immediate treatment.
What are the Alzheimer disease Treatment options? There is no specific treatment option which is available in the market to cure Alzheimer disease but their some drugs and therapy which can be used to control the symptoms. This can help the brain to function properly and control the patient situation from getting worse. Mainly there are two types of drugs which are used for the treatment of this condition- Cholinesterase inhibitors and memantine. The cholinesterase usually preserves the chemical messenger which was consumed in the brain by the Alzheimer disease while memantine have the ability to slow down the symptoms in all the Alzheimer conditions. Antidepressants are also prescribed to the patient sometimes so that behavioral symptoms can be controlled. Doctors usually prescribe different medications as per the condition and situation of the patient. With proper care and treatment the symptoms of this condition can be controlled.