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Apollo to initiate their new Robot-Assisted Cardiac Surgery Unit in India

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  • Jan 24, 2020
Apollo to initiate their new Robot-Assisted Cardiac Surgery Unit in India Surgical robots are those robots which are specially designed so they can assist surgeons during the surgical procedures. It is a kind of a minimally invasive surgery.  Usually in this method small tools are attached to the robotic arms which can be controlled by surgeons with the help of a computer. They are usually integrated with advanced technology and have the ability to offer high definition, magnified and 3D- image of the body’s intricate anatomy. In this way, even during the most complicated operations, the surgeon will work with increased precision, flexibility and power. With this advanced technology it is very easy to perform complex urological, general surgical, gynecological and cardiothoracic procedures. This also helps the patient by offering them several advantages as compared to open surgery. Recently, Apollo hospitals announced the launch of their new Robot-Assisted Cardiac Surgery Unit in India. This new unit is specially designed so they can offer robotic assisted minimally invasive cardiac surgery to the patient with complicated cardiac disease treatment. This unit is also integrated with advanced fourth-generation versatile ‘da Vinci Xi’ robotic surgical system. The da Vinci Xi enables complicated cardiovascular surgery to be conducted with smaller incisions and accurate motion control compared to traditional open heart surgery, which includes opening the chest by breastplate splintering. It is also consist of high definition camera which will help the surgeons to get better view of the chest on the console screen. This new unit will offering a whole program of robotic heart surgery and will assist the doctors so they can use advanced medical technologies to offer best medical care to the patients, according to Dr. K. Hariprasad, President, Apollo Hospitals. Dr . Sathyaki P Nambala, Sr. Consultant, Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeon and HoD, Robotic Cardiac Surgery Unit added that development of this robot-assisted cardiac surgery needs lots of dedication and energy and they are very happy to launch such advanced technology in India for the first time. With this launch, the Robot-Assisted Cardiac Surgery will be accessible to the patients worldwide and will help the surgeons so they can decrease their strain by offering better vision and will provide comfort while performing long duration surgeries. Robotic surgery is very beneficial as one can perform many complicated surgery easily without any complications that too in a minimally invasive procedures. This also decreases the chances of the complications as compared to the open surgery.  Some of the other advantages offered to the patient include less pain, less chances of infections, and faster recovery. They also offer surgeons with better flexibility, control and accuracy.