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Brain Activates During the Initial Phase of Learning a New Language:

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  • Jun 18, 2021

The brain has a super complex and strong structure due to which, the receptors and emitters either react quickly to stimuli or they do not work well. Brain scans were done for a sample of people by scientists and the results were worrisome.  On the other hand, brain scan showed improvements in reading and listening skills for first-time Japanese learners. They analyzed how brain activity changes after just a few months of learning and working on a new language. When understanding a new language, it is tedious to comprehend the full context.

The results of the study show that acquiring a new language initially stimulates activities and movements of the brain and they reduce as language skills improve. Initially, you can quantitatively measure improvements in language ability by monitoring brain activation. Many researchers worked and actively participated in this study, providing their suitable ideas, including Professor Kuniyoshi L. Sakai, a neuroscientist at Tokyo University and first author of the research recently published in Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience.

With the help of a few participants and volunteers, there were nearly 15 volunteers who moved to Tokyo and ended up taking at least a few hours of introductory Japanese classes each day. All of the volunteers were native speakers of European languages and also had prior knowledge of English language. They had no experience learning Japanese while traveling to Japan.  Volunteers took multiple-choice reading and listening tests after at least eight weeks of lessons and again after six to fourteen weeks. Researchers chose to assess only the "passive" language skills of reading and listening because those can be more objectively scored than the "active" skills of writing and speaking. Volunteers were inside a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner while taking the tests so that researchers could measure local blood flow around their brain regions, an indicator of neuronal activity.