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Combined AI and Wearable Cameras in Self Walking Robotic Exo-Skeletons:

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  • May 19, 2021

A sophisticated artificial intelligence is a technology that has changed a lot of things and now objects are following a simple technology-oriented approach. Researchers are developing a lot of fully automated machines that can take decisions by themselves. Researchers who are very much expertise in the field of robotic science and technology are potentially developing exoskeletons and prosthetic legs capable of thinking and moving on their own. The movement of the machine is working on a specific code or command which is followed by it regularly and when it learns everything from those commands it develops a self-program for itself. The system is highly advanced which can combine computer vision and deep learning AI. From this learning, it can replicate natural objects which are naturally present in the environment. This machine has a real potential to mimic how abled body walks, how they change their velocity, and with what magnitude they do it. “Were giving robotic exoskeleton vision so they can control themselves” is said Brokoslaw Lachowski, a Ph.D. candidate in systems design engineering who potentially leads a university of a waterloo research project called exonet.

The purpose of installing a camera in it is that it will have a clear vision of everything. The features are very unique of its kind as it has 360-degree rotation facilities and the camera has a live recording system. When the image is processed by the system it instantly goes into the system of AI and it scans it and comes to a particular decision. The thing also identifies an attack on itself and can create a proper defense out of it.

Exoskeletons legs are operated by motors which work on the desired power, the legs are strong enough to run at a specific speed and it can retain the weight of the machines and there is also a special feature about the legs that it can bend and move exactly like a human leg. The controls are in the hand of an individual who is controlling it and it can be done by using a smartphone or a joystick and you will be able to see the whole movement on the screen without a fail. On the contrary, that can be very inconvenient and cognitively demanding on the other side as every time you perform a new task you might feel new challenges.