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Complain is being registered by Twitter of timelines being overrun with promoted tweets

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  • Jan 27, 2021

The buzz of social media is on top notch level, any piece of information is just a click away and the users can also share what they feel over a social media platform. To discuss their thought process they can use it as the tool of giving or taking information. If you experience a scenario where you are receiving or seeing the same post over and over again don’t you get frustrated over this. Currently the twitters timeline is over load with ads on twitter feed.  Few users reported this issue as a great problem because they won’t be able to see the relevant content on twitter because the ads are acquiring the full space of their timeline. In the starting it seemed as a technical bug in the application but when seen very deeply developers find out that they are certain promoted tweets which are intentionally placed on the timeline of twitter. It is recorded on user’s timeline that there are some tweets which are useless and also some publically promoted tweets which are on that platform just by paying some amount so that it reaches on the top.

Sometimes it may happen that when you are using twitter and see a post, so most probably you will post relevant to that post because the creator of app sends you the relevant content so that you can spare more time on the screen and so you will get more information of the domain in which you are interested the most. This perceived to show that there are some variety of issues because the company promoted these tweets to have indicated some variety of issue happening within the twitter ad system. The company want to show the promoted ad because they want audience to see what is happening in their industry and how they can be a valuable customer to us so they generally pin those users who have relevant content towards a product and according to their browsing history. There is a policy according to which twitter ad system work that they will show particular ad and in a very definite quantity. But this is not the case here, users are receiving unnecessary tweets and these promoted tweets are no use for the users so they are raising this issue very seriously. “We regularly experiment and deploy changes to our advertising experience. We are constantly innovating and testing, and will continue to adapt as we learn”, said by the analysis of twitter technical and IT team. It is concluded that this is not something which happens by mistake but it is intentional and plotted by someone.

The consumer of social media is very large and it is not possible to resolve issue of any particular individual, so they are addressing this problem very silently and they don’t want to get it very public. However, we’ve seen complaints coming from users both in the U.S. and abroad and on both the “Home” and “Recent Tweets” timelines. Given the lack of updates and information, some Twitter users have been dealing with the influx of Promoted Tweets by muting or blocking the advertiser’s account. This could have lasting consequences because most of the user are sharing information on this platform whether it is private or personal.