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Delhi Pollution Crisis Sprouts Business Opportunities

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  • Dec 18, 2019
Delhi, the capital of India is fumes suffocated which seems like a 50 pounds weight is put on your chest or hanged from your neck, doubting these thoughts c'mon let's breathe once in this smog-choked city, and gas up our lungs out with the air equivalent to smoking 30 cigarettes. Pollution is becoming the most severe threat for residents of the Delhi, with stating poor to worse air quality index ratio year by year. To beat pollution a bit here is the very first and unusual in its own way a start-up is enterprising oxygen bar to soothe residents’ lungs. Delhi’s first-ever oxygen bar gives you fresh air to breathe. Yes, no joke a bar which serves oxygen instead of you know what (Alcohol) even you can insist your parents to walk with you to this bar (Oxygen). Necessity owns to be the mother of inventions and oxygen bar for fighting against Delhi's pollution crisis deserves to be the best baby ever produced. Delhi-NCR is spinning beneath pollution and it is all across the headlines. There have been heydays meanwhile the contamination level attained critical levels. In brief, Delhi people are now hopeless to inhale fresh air. And, to deal amidst such a circumstance, Delhi got its first-ever oxygen bar, named Oxy Pure, in South Delhi’s Select City Walk Mall. India’s Supreme Court censured the administration Air condition prevails to continue in the 'harsh' level in Delhi and encircling towns on with pollution levels expected to enter the hazard zone. According to the Central Pollution Control Bureau (CPCB), air quality index (AQI) in Delhi's Lodhi Road read 500 and 472 in Noida. Delhi's AQI stood at 425 and 437. Little particulate matter less than 2.5 microns in diameter that can penetrate deep into the lungs and also the bloodstream -- shot up to 337 micrograms per cubic meter, breaching its crisis threshold of 300 micrograms. Specialists announced the hike in pollution levels can be credited to a vital decline in wind velocity. Episodes of stubble firing in Haryana and Punjab ought risen and northwesterly winds have been causing more farm fire crests to the Delhi-NCR region, they said.  A drop in wind speed and warmth gives the air cold and thicker, driving to the buildup of pollutants.   Connecting to the concept after initiating such a bar in Delhi, its patron said that he initially attended such a cafe in Los Angeles in 2015. Meanwhile questioned of his urge behind inaugurating this bar, he replied that he discovered this idea is fashionable and aspired to start something comparable in India. Shortly, he wishes to start such a cafe at Indira Gandhi International Airport’s Terminal 3, and might also spring a franchise of the bar in the near future. Hence the surging attack of pollutants might face a surgical strikes of Oxygen bars’ and what could be the most potential  market than India’s capital itself (Delhi) for this start-up. Moreover this could be the first bar which won’t be harming anyone by any means in place is providing a refreshing shots of pure air charged per hour.