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Fake News/Image/Video Detector to Increase Authenticity:

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  • Jul 02, 2021

There are many things which are available on the internet that are not genuine. The marketing of fake products on internet has been increasing rapidly. They have started believing in the wrong ideology of an individual as one tends to quickly believe in what they see in images. They cannot detect real and fake things present over internet. Sometimes what people say and present can lead to a heavy destruction of the wealth and economy of the country as well. Kids these days don’t care about this except a few who do care about this agenda. To solve this problem researchers have successfully develop a digital self-test technique in which the users who are using it will be able to assess news item trending videos and images which are present on social media. Social media is a platform where people keep spreading much insightful news as well as the useless news. A fake news checker has also been created by google where you will be able to check whether the news is really important or if it is just fake news to manipulated ideologies posted by some defaulters of internet.

This new tool is highly useful for the youth of this generation. Nowadays kids generally believe what they see and they don’t feel any embarrassment and further consequences for posting it on social media; so, the scientific review of it are part of the news evaluator project which is helpful to evaluate new possibilities of enhancing young people’s capacity for the critical awareness of digital sources which is also considered as key component of digital literacy. New technology will automatically let you know if the news is authentic or not. That means, you don’t have to cross check it from other sources.

The tool is structured in a way that allows students to work with it, online. They get to see news articles in a social-media format, with pictures or videos, and the task is to determine how credible they are. Is there really wood pulp in parmesan cheese, for instance? The aim is for the students to get better at uncovering what isn't true, but also improve their understanding of what may be true even if it seems unlikely at first. As user support, the tool contains guidance. Students can follow how a professional would have gone about investigating the authenticity of the statements or images by opening a new window and doing a separate search alongside the test, or doing a reverse image search.