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Google's Find My Device Feature To Get a Major Update

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  • Aug 31, 2021

Apple's device locator app services such as AirTag and Find My iPhone allow the users to find their phones if they get lost or stolen. Google also has the Find My Device feature, which is commonly used to locate Android devices. But the problem with the Find My Device feature is that it only works when the user has access to the Internet connection as well as to their Google account. Now Google is following the footsteps of Apple with its new accessibility measure for the Find My Device feature.

XDA Developers, a mobile software community, recently caught word of a Find My Device network in code for the beta testing in Google Play Services. This new version of Google's device locator service is designed to use crowdsourcing to find devices. The added advantage is that this new feature would allow users to use Android not only to locate their devices but other Google users' devices also. This new tool works on Bluetooth only for now, which means it can locate the location of lost devices in the close vicinity only. From the perspective of the XDA developers so far, users might choose this service, which is a useful feature for security and privacy purposes. In addition, the device may be used in conjunction with Apple AirTag, which means that a variety of easy-to-track devices can be provided for users who stay near the lost item.