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GRC to Launch their Effective and Affordable Micro Modular Data Center Solution

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  • Sep 11, 2019
The limits for current bandwidth capacities are being tested by increased digital traffic from data-heavy apps. Micro data centers have appeared as a preferred technology to help handle the increasing computing requirement across the boundaries. Micro data centers are seen as a route for companies to boost the pace at which fresh data centers are deployed while minimizing their capital expenditure, power consumption, and staying within confined space. A micro data center is a safe, pre-contained cabinet that comprises shelf, UPS, energy and cooling to sustain all important IT components together with software systems for management and tracking. These micro data centers are easy to use, are secured and are very cost- effective. They provide businesses a very effective and intelligent way so they can manage their distributed assets. GRC announced the launch of their new micro-modular data center solution, the ICEraQ Micro. This is an advanced metering self-contained 24U server rack which has the ability of sustaining critical IT loads of up to 50kW and almost half the price of other micro-modular alternatives. This is an affordable and easy solution which is specially designed to provide services to edge data centers, IoT applications and other expedited computing platforms into current data center activities. According to Peter Poulin, CEO of GRC, ‘ICEraQ Micro is component of the continuously changing product line of GRC to address the dilemmas of the computing demands of the next generation.’ Customers increasingly have to install stand-alone, high-density shelves in their current data centers and on the edge and ICEraQ Micro provide IT professionals the liberty to readily and virtually add high-density computing anywhere. With enhanced investment in high-density data centers and high-performance computing apps, ICEraQ Micro is an optimal solution for handling the computing expectations created by these latest innovations. This new solution requires only power and water services and can be installed easily. With a 24U immersion cooled rack, an embedded 2N redundant pump CDU and GRC control and tracking software, it is a full immersion cooling solution for the data center. They also have the ability to reduce the energy demands of the data center. ICEraQ has the ability to increase accuracy and quality, decrease the energy consumption by 50%, reduction in upfront costs for high-density applications, provides safety from dust, hotspots, corrosion of IT assets and others. ICEraQ Micro offers IT managers with an alternative to integrate countless accelerated apps that too with less investment and site requirements. GRC has constructed a powerful market position over its ten years of existence and have different systems have been implemented in 13 nations, including defense, energy, higher education, economic services, telecommunications and cryptocurrency mining. According to Data Bridge Market Research, Global micro data center market is expected to rise to an estimated value of USD 17.97 billion by 2026, registering a healthy CAGR in the forecast period of 2019-2026. For more key insights and market trends regarding the micro data centers and their future trend, visit: