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Green Tea and Coffee Can Extend Your Life Expectancy:

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  • Jul 23, 2021

A diabetic person has to very cautious of their eating patterns; they are not allowed to eat as per their wants. According to a new research, consuming high dose of caffeine can reduce risk of death, especially for people with type-2 diabetes. As you know, with the rise in population, the mortality rates have also been surged up and due to this, this theory might be beneficial to human kind.  Drinking 2 to 3 cups of green tea or coffee on daily basis is proven to be linked to lower death risk in people with diabetes. To prove this, a research was conducted in few of the universities and research centers. Caffeinated drinks are widely consumed by almost everyone around the globe. . Caffeine comes in various forms, namely, drinks and chocolates. We will, in this article, talk specifically about drinks. Researchers have found that caffeine drinks are one of the many potential triggers of migraines.

 Many people around the world are suffering from migraine which have no permanent cure or treatment. Migraines are said to be the third most common disease in the world that takes many lives every year. In addition to having a severe headache, there are other symptoms that can occur with migraines, including nausea, mood swings, sensitivity to light and sound. These symptoms can trigger intense emotions in a human, which enables them to act out of their minds.  People also experience sensitivity to light, as well as visual and auditory hallucinations which are easy to spot because of the pain and anxiety that follows.

Previously published research suggests that regularly drinking green tea and coffee may be beneficial for health because of the various bioactive compounds these beverages contain. But few of these studies have been carried out in people with diabetes. The researchers therefore decided to explore the potential impact of green tea and coffee, separately and combined, on the risk of death among people with the condition. They tracked the health of 4923 Japanese people (2790 men, 2133 women) with type 2 diabetes (average age 66) for an average of just over 5 years.

Some 607 of the participants didn't drink green tea; 1143 drank up to a cup a day; 1384 drank 2-3 cups; and 1784 drank 4 or more. Nearly 1000 (994) of the participants didn't drink coffee; 1306 drank up to 1 cup daily; 963 drank a cup every day; while 1660 drank 2 or more cups. When, researchers compared, they found out that those, who drank one or both had lower odds of dying from any cause, with the lowest odds associated with drinking higher quantities of both green tea and coffee as compared with those who drank neither beverage. Drinking up to 3 cups of green tea was associated with 27% lower odds. While among coffee drinkers, up to 2 or more cups was associated with 41% lower odds. The risk of death was even lower by 51%for those who drank both 2-3 cups of green tea and coffee every day.

But the limitation of this research is, it being just an observational study, that is, without any established cause.