COVID-19 Impact on Pharmaceutical Packaging in Chemicals and Materials Industry

Healthcare comes on top and UAE become a global leader

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  • Feb 08, 2021

Innovations are very much important to support a country in terms of assets and to motivate the resources of the country. Our planet is suffering from lots of problems regarding nature and pollution. Global warming is on top notch level and this time it is recorded as the hottest summer of all time. To control these unbalanced situation of environment, we need advance technology to control this thing. Glaciers are melting fast and other things are also happening. If you see the latest GE Global Innovation Barometer, the gulf country is taking lead in terms of discoveries, and Gulf country is a global leader in generating an innovative conductive environment, with the most inventions in the field of healthcare and majority of the innovation is in healthcare department. It outperformed all other sectors with respect to it. As business slowly returns to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a new report reflects that the country’s business leaders belief in the nation’s capacity to originate, leading the way in healthcare with advancement in technology. GE Global innovation Barometer 2020 shows that, UAE executives have ranked the GCC country as a global leader in innovating an “innovation conducive environment”, with 79% of those observed giving statement that healthcare performed best all other sectors with respect to progress in innovation, marking a great example for others to go after on speeding up innovation. However, 85% cited innovation’s vital role in shielding people’s health and well-being.

In this year, GE Global Innovation Barometer observed over 3,400 business executives covering 22 countries, with one round finishing in February 2020 and another taking place in September. The other study was attached in order to evaluate interchange in global sentiment because of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the report, it can be seen that only 50 % of innovations are stabilize and it is because of the pandemic that showed this stable growth in the healthcare sector. Somehow, only a third (34%) said there had been a constructive impact on the capacity of their business to originate. The global report showed that 40% of the business leaders all around the world inscribe The UAE qualifying environment for the updating innovations. To the fore of countries including Finland with a percentage level of (38%), India with (37%), Italy concluding (37%) and Malaysia (32%). 

The top five countries trusted to be figurehead in enabling innovation-conducive environments are the United States, Japan (70%), China (68%), Germany (63%) and the United Kingdom (53%). For the moment, those surveyed in the UAE line up with the global point of view that innovation should dispatch long lasting positive environmental benefit, on top of 70% accepting that it is more profitable than short term profitability. In fact, it is now believed that innovation is more important than any other factor for the whole development and it includes many factors and 80% of the population believed that it should be in the priority after this pandemic and so healthcare is growing very fast.