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India leases hi-tech US naval drones to boost surveillance, intel

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  • Dec 28, 2020

The Indian Navy is now making its mark on top of everything. Two leased MQ 9B sea guardian UAVs arrived in India in early November and began undertaking mission last week and it will be great step for Indian Navy because these inspections vehicle are helpful in keeping eye of any disaster coming and will be a very intellectual step for our country. The purpose of buying it from United States is to boost its intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, in the midst of a border row with China in the Ladakh theatre and increased Chinese activity in the Indian Ocean region. Officials familiar with developments said on Wednesday, the threats are now increasing very fast and it can result in threat to national security so to avoid penetration of these terrorist this deal was done between India and US. The two MQ-9B have been leased for one year, one of the officials cited above said on condition of anonymity without the cost of lease. Sometimes it is not revealed the cost of deal or the accessories used in it because these are some serious information which can not be revealed.

These drones are only authorized to be used by the Defence sector of any country no private license is provided for the same. A variant of the predator B drones manufactured by US firm general atomics, the hi-tech maritime drones have been based at the naval Air station Rajali in Tamil Nadu, which is also home to the Indian navy fleet of p-81 long range maritime. A highly secured area is supposed to be chosen for the inventory of these vehicles because there are also our enemies who are starring us all the time so we have to keep it very safe and secure. The most advanced feature in this vehicle is that it doesn’t need any man sitting in it to drive it is fully automated and work on software which can be controlled by the person with a remote or a single display. The MQ-9B will allow the navy to keep a close watch on the IOR at a time when it has stepped up surveillance and activities in the region to check China’s ambition, a second official said. There are places on which it is impossible for a man to reach out so we need smart gadgets like these to reach there and do an appropriate inspection. The UAV arrived in India in early November and began undertaking missions last week though the navy has not publicized the lease deals.

The MQ-9B is the first piece of military hardware to be leased by Indian after the government announced a new weapon acquisition procedures that allowed the option of leasing weapons and systems. The defence acquisition procedure 2020 which came into effect on October 1, permits the leasing of military hardware to cut down on costs associated with buying equipments. Government also need to take care of budget because there are also many other sectors which needs to be funded properly for a proper functioning of economy. MQ-9B will boost the navy situation awareness over land and sea with their range and endurance.