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iPhone 12 users are facing yet another issue: Here’s what has happened this time

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  • Jan 27, 2021

iPhone users are in very large number and they always rely on iPhones because they like everything about their smart phones whether it is user interface, camera and software. It is very rare that user complain about any issues but if good things are produced in a mass there are chances that few products are defected this is what happened this year in the production of iPhones and also in the assembly line. A number of iPhone12 users, on apple’s community forum and Reddit, have reported a significant drain in the battery level of their iPhone 12 smartphones. What is problem here is that it has a drainage problem of battery when it is in normalize mode and it doesn’t need any power saving mode. When you put it on charging it runs very smoothly but when it is detached its battery drains at a very fast rate. Apple launches the iPhone 12 series smartphone back in October this year. Since its launch, the iPhone twelve series, that incorporates the iPhone twelve mini, iPhone12, and also the iPhone twelve professional grievous bodily harm, are marred with various problems. Now, iPhone twelve users have reported another issue, and this point around, it’s the battery of the phone that's being questioned.

A number of iPhone12 users, on the platform of Reddit and conjointly on apple’s community have reported a big drain within the battery level of their new brought iPhone twelve smartphones. In the case of new smartphones 9 to 5 Mac reports that when the battery starts draining too quickly. It is usually due to increased usage early on. The company never wants to put down their image and reputation. There may be cases that iPhones may be used earlier but this huge tech giant wont intentionally do it because the trust on customer is the most important thing they care about they try to sell customer satisfaction every time. The users like to fiddle with various aspects of the phone such as the camera, app updates and new apps. But this is not the case with the iPhone 12 lineup. Many new updates are pre inbuilt in this phone and it fulfills the user need. There is slight difference in the design from older variant like its edges are now very much improved from earlier design and it is very much similar to 5s version.

The report quoting a user master26A on Apple’s community forums and stated that the iPhone twelve pro’s battery was decreasingly exhausting quicker even within the standby mode and what is going to happen if it runs usually. I'm noticing that the iPhone12 professional is exhausting once idle with nearly no background activity at a relentless rate of four-dimensional that has evidenced to be a lot of quicker than my previous iPhone eleven pro, and to be honest a quicker idle drain that I will really keep in mind from a replacement iPhone. The battery backup is the most desired feature for customers because they rely on phone most of the time and they may need it at any point of time may be it can be a business meeting it can be a holiday tour and etc.