COVID-19 Impact on Pharmaceutical Packaging in Chemicals and Materials Industry

Linde’s New Digitalization Hub Fabricating New Innovation for Chemical Industry

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  • Sep 11, 2019
Industries today are trying to create new platforms so that they can provide their customer with best services which will help them to get loyal customers who will act as campaigners for their products. For this, many chemical industries have started opting digitization which will help them to increase their productivity and with more innovation they can create new channels for the market. Increased competition and challenging environments has forced chemical industry to make technological advancement and development in their business. With these technologies, today companies can easily gather information from large amount of data which can further be used to improve how plants are working and to make instant decision in business processes. So, in this way digital is transforming the industries and as they are transforming them from offline to online that make them open for the opportunities 24/7 and create more revenue. Many companies today are setting up their digitization hub so that they can create and develop new digital technologies for their business. In February 2018, The Linde Group, a multinational chemical company had partnered with Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) announced the launch of their new Asia Pacific Digitalization Hub so that they can develop, identify and create new technologies as per the requirement of the industry. The company wants to expand digital capabilities so that they can improve safety and improve the efficiency in gases and engineering industries. The company invested around USD 30 million for the hub. This hub is specially designed for the region of around Asia Pacific and Singapore and Linde Digitalization team along with other engineers and line managers will work on the different projects around the region. The Linde group already created many innovative and technological applications for the benefit of the industries. This new hub is made on the Digital Accelerator at Munich headquarters and its main aim is to deliver efficient solutions and provide assistance to the customer. It is the first hub of the Linde outside Germany. The Chairman of Economic Development Board; Dr. Beh Swan Gin said that this new hub has Industry 4.0 and data analytics technology will help the Linde to create new technologies and find new digital solutions which help the company to expand their business and to create competition in the market. Philipp Karmires, Head of Digitalization, Linde AG also added that as there is technological advancement and infinite computing power taking place rapidly in the market, the company has to speed up and should create more digital solutions and innovations. Linda in past years already have created many digital innovations like Virtual Reality (VR) simulator which was designed for training and remote support and Augmented Reality that was designed to provide the customer to visualize application technology implementation. Linde have already created their Remote Operation Center in Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur. This center has the combination of artificial intelligence with the sensor networks and operates around 200 plants in 14 countries for the better production and efficient energy usage.  Today, many companies are mainly focusing on long-term profits and want to expand their business worldwide with new digital technologies and solutions.