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New Approach to Do away with Toxins from Waste Water

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  • May 05, 2021

The New York State center for clean water technology at Stony Brook University has recently made some discoveries and it has thereby led to finding new approaches to achieve something great. Water is a necessity for every living creature on the globe, and the university is putting all its effort to invent a technology that can protect the drinking water present on islands. This technique will also be implemented in ground and surface water. Many discoveries are in line to make the water pure which includes human carcinogen, 1, 4-dioxane. These components have been found in large quantities and high levels in Long Island, U.S. People are adapting to this advanced technology rapidly as they cannot afford to consume water having high chemical contents. The CCWT is working on improvising its novel technology to remove those chemical contents. They follow a process where water is entered into groundwater and if the water is contaminated then it will harm other water bodies. Hence, with this technique, we will be able to maintain the technology.

In this technology, the removal of chemicals and other contaminants such as nitrogen is done. These advanced technologies are taking a firm hold in the environment and hence, will be able to provide a safe environment for human beings. Furthermore, sometimes, in large water bodies, the sea animals face a lot of danger and there are chances for them to get extinct which can lead to less availability of oxygen.

According to some great experts and scientists, the water bodies are getting contaminated at a rapid rate and this natural process is uncontrollable sometimes. Chris Gobler, Ph.D., Director at CCTW suggests using 1, 4-dioxane beyond the industrial contamination as it is also rising very fast.

It pollutes our environment because the industrial sector is also growing and the contaminants have been found at the highest levels ever measured in drinking water across the U.S. due to some reasons which have been proved to be harmful to humans.