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Nuro’s Autonomous Grocery Delivery Service to Revolutionalize the Food & Beverage Services

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  • Sep 11, 2019
Autonomous things are facing a rapid transformation due to advancement in artificial intelligence, digital twin and quantum computing. With an advanced technology model machine now-a-days can interact freely with their physical environment without any human interfere. This technology is making the machine smarter, so that they can make their own decisions by analyzing the situation. With this new technology, we are entering into a new era of human- robot consummation where machines are controlling the life of the humans. Self- driving cars, advanced robotics, smart thermoset, drones, etc. are some of the common type of the autonomous things.  Today, these autonomous technologies have entered sectors like cybercrimes, transportation, healthcare etc.  They are very useful for the business and organization as it help them to improvise and transform the product and services by them. These robots are widely used in commercial, industrial and residential purposes. These new robot have the ability to perform basic human functions like conversation, cleaning, security etc. which help the people as it make their task convenient. Many companies have made large investment in these autonomous things industries. Recently, Softbank Vision Fund funded $940 million to the Nuro so that they can launch their new autonomous grocery delivery service. They have also partnered with grocer Kroger to launch in Houston so that this service will be available Kroger’s stores in reach customers. According to Nuro co-founder Dave Ferguson this new service will create an excitement and interest in the customers about the Kroger groceries delivered by a Nuro self-driving vehicle. The main of the launch is to encourage self-driving innovation so that they can create a welcoming, diverse, and dynamic city with full of autonomous delivery. It will first set up their self-driving Toyota Prius before setting up its custom driverless vehicles in the market. They also tested their R1 which was a conventional autonomous delivery bot before launching service in Scottsdale. The company always wanted to create a new platform by using new technology so that they can create new delivery services to their customers. This will help the customers to get anything, anywhere and anytime. This service can be used through or the Kroger app and orders will be delivered as per the slot availability. This new self-driving technology will create a real service that will have impact on communities and will provide groceries quickly and safely. This technology is very handy for the delivery of the goods and services locally. This new Nuro consist of two compartments in which 6 groceries bags can be fitted. Marlene Stewart, Kroger's Houston division president said that they are really very excited about this new service as it will enhance and improve the experience of the customers by providing new ways of grocery delivery. These autonomous things are playing a very important role in this new tech world. We are already using autonomous technology in our day to day lives whether it is withdrawing money or preparing tea from the machine. The market is now looking for more convenient collaborative robots which will have the ability to get connected to more autonomous things at corresponding time. This will help the customer as these robots will communicate with each other and will decide the way to provide best outcomes. Military, automotive, pharmaceutical, insurance etc. are some of the industries which are going to enjoy great benefits from these autonomous robots.