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Oat Milk- sweet bites for vegans and lactose intolerant

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  • Jan 24, 2020
What is oat milk? The oat, also called the common oat, is a cereal grain crop grown for its seed, while oats are suitable as oatmeal and rolled oats for human consumption. Oat milk is a plant based product made from whole oat grain, as oat contain high amount of functional protein, fatty acids and dietary fiber which are essential to maintain good health. Oat milk is used as a substitute of dairy milk for vegan or lactose intolerant people as it gives taste and consistency similar to dairy milk along with it is a good source of low fat and cholesterol free milk. Why Oat milk is good? Oat milk contain more carbs, calories and fiber than cow’s milk, almond or soy milk while provides less protein than soy and dairy products. It also enriched with vitamins A, D, B12, B2, calcium and proteins. It is one of the most nutritious milk options as it is very low in fat and contains more calcium. How Oat milk is made? Oat milk is prepared by vast process of milling in which oats are cut into smaller particles and then bran is separated from the content while leaves behind the loose fibers and other relevant flavors and ingredients to be added before the milk is sterilized for packaging. Where it is trending? North America and Europe are the two regions where there is an increasing demand of oat milk due to the prevalence of more lactose intolerant population present in these regions.  Rising awareness among the consumer regarding the benefits associated with the consumption of oat milk will further create more demand of the oat milk. What are the benefits? Oat milk is an excellent option for the people with dietary restrictions as it is made up of oats and water only. Oat milk offer many health benefits such as it will control the blood cholesterol as daily consumption of oat milk makes a person healthy by making bones stronger as it is rich in calcium and vitamins which is essential for the growth of the bones as well as the body. For whom it is? Generally oat milk is preferred by people with dairy intolerant, lactose intolerant and vegan. But it can be consumed by people of any age group due to its health benefits and an alternative option of dairy milk and other milk products. As the number of people chooses nondairy products are increasing day by day, for them oat milk will be a good option for daily consumption. Oats are taking over all the health parameters and requirement needed to fulfill dietary essentials for an individual’s wellbeing and fitness. The new revolution in the dairy alternative products is Oat Milk. Further this is being derived into yogurt, cream cheese, and is recently used to make variants of coffee beverages by Starbucks. With their sweet flavor and smooth texture it will increase their customer base across the globe.