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Quantum Physicist Measure the Smallest Gravitational Force:

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  • May 20, 2021

The gravitational field of the gold sphere is successfully detected by researchers and hence told as the smallest gravitational force. The measurement of gravitation field is detected by a particular device which is a highly sensitive pendulum. These coming experiments are opening up new possibilities and with these new possibilities, a new vision of discoveries can be seen. The new experiments open up the door for new possibilities for testing the laws of gravity and laws of gravity clear a lot of things and experiments on previously unattained small scales. It is also known as the weakest force present in nature gravitation pulls and yet it is the strongest one present in our daily lifestyle. What we do daily is very much a factor of force and we don’t know how much quantity of force we are putting in. Gravitational force is a natural phenomenon that is used by almost every person and due to this, there is a lot of stability. Every ball when drops and every coin we toss are automatically attracted by the earth’s gravity. There is always the same acceleration when it is exposed to vacuum all objects fall.

The calculated distance from the center is one of the factors for the strength of gravity and it is also determined by the mass of the Earth and there are other factors but these all are some main points. It is also being seen that velocity is increased by about 9.8m/s every second. Astronomers and scientists say that all objects fall 6 times slower on the moon which is about 80 times lighter and almost 4 times smaller than the Earth. And scientist tells that on a planet of the size of a ladybug, then objects would fall 30 billion times slower three than on earth.

To trap remote stars, the gravitational pull of this magnitude should be there and it normally occurs only in the most distant regions of the galaxies. A team of quantum physicists is regularly monitoring all this and this team is led by Markus Aspelmeyer and Tobias Westphal at the University of Vienna and The Australian Academy of Sciences. They have now able to do some demonstrations and these forces are recorded for the first time. To do so needed a lot of effort from a scientist as well as highly advanced tools.