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Remote controlled delivery carts are now working for the local Los Angeles grocer

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  • Dec 28, 2020

Robots are now becoming the most efficient future hand and hi tech machines of all time. Every individual wants to save time, money and efforts. Now people are building robots to reduce their efforts and do the work in a very easy and sequenced manner. Robots are also no longer the high tech tools reserved for university labs, e-commerce giants and buzzy Silicon Valley startups. The local grocer now has access too. The new generation vehicles are coming up with lots of features and specification in which it is totally automated. Tortoise, the one year old Silicon Valley startup known for its remote repositioning electric scooter, has taken its tech and adapted it to delivery carts. These delivery carts are somewhat have their own decision taking techniques and they will deliver the thing when a well sequenced program is given to this these carts with a proper code. These carts follow all the rules and regulation which is similarly followed by any human and works as human mind, proper navigations are pre-installed in these carts so that when it finds a confusing path it will follow up according to the maps.

The company recently partnered with online grocery platform self point to provide neighborhood stores and specialty brand shops with electric carts that with help from remote teleoperators delivers goods to local consumers. Collaborating with these grocery stores is appropriate because every individual needs grocery every day or by skipping few days, so this cart will be a very profitable decision when it comes on roads and people don’t have to worry for getting groceries and wait in a que to get the items. Since it is a time of pandemic people avoids having a physical touch instead they want a contactless delivery to get their food items. The companies have launched the product offering in Los Angeles with three customers. Each customer, which includes kosher Express, has two to three carts that can be used to make deliveries up to a three mile radius from the store. Unlike the network models used by some autonomous sidewalk delivery companies, grocery stores lease the delivery carts and are responsible for storage, charging and packing it up with goods that their customers have ordered. The network should be well organized for these carts and every consumer will have a guide for path so whenever they want they can call these carts by just one command.

The initial self point/Tortoise launch is small. But it has the making of expanding far beyond Los Angeles. More importantly for Tortoise, it’s a validation of the company larger vision to make remote repositioning a horizontal business with numerous applications. Many industries are coming forward to discover new inventions and contributing to our world with great opportunities. If these robot driven carts get a successful entry they will start to do mass production of it and can be seen in coming days.