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Scientist Claim to have Identified more than 140000 Virus Species in Human Gut:

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  • Apr 12, 2021

Viruses are considered to be dangerous and harmful things that can decay the body of a human being quite severely. If you talk about the most numerous biological entities which are present on this planet then it must be viruses and these can be of the outer environment or it can also be an inter virus that will cause heavy damage. Some viruses cause a long-lasting disease in the human body. Researchers have successfully found 140000 viral species present on this planet that is constantly living in the human gut more than half of which have never seen before or analyzed by any scientist because it is very difficult to find out these as they are microscopically very small and it’s a very dangerous process as well. A paper is published in the Cell indicates a detailed version of an analysis that covers 28000 gut microbiome samples were collected from the different parts of the world where it is expected that these species are found. The viruses have many diversities and they changed according to the demographical area. The researchers were shocked when they found out that that there are groups of viruses present.

The research tells that how these viruses affect humans and it was very difficult for the researchers to find out that how these viruses can survive in the human gut and how they affect their health. As some people have a very strong immune system so that they are able to fight the virus rather efficiently and some people have a weak immune system so they get caught by the effect of the virus.

It is said that the human gut is an effective and incredibly very biodiverse environment. It has a dimensional approach towards the nature of the virus because the virus can enter the arena of a human body very easily and it spreads at a very fast rate. Sometimes the virus is much contagious and at times not. In the human gut, there are hundreds of thousands of viruses that are existing and are known as bacteriophages which can easily infect the bacteria and it also has the ability to live there. It is known that imbalances when found in our gut microbiome, can enhance the disease and can contribute to the disease and make some complex situations.