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Sunlight Will Increase the Current Fresh Water Ratio:

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  • Jun 18, 2021

Researchers are developing new technologies every day and with the upcoming technologies, there are new possibilities for the upcoming world. Our world is facing lots of problems which need our immediate attention else the situation will worsen. Researchers have also developed advanced technology that could easily eliminate water stress problems for millions of people. There are still places that don’t have proper access to water, especially the drinkable water. There people are living in planet’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged communities. Our society has a lot of imbalance between communities. Researchers from UniSA have created a very cost-effective technique that can be used by any ordinary people. It can deliver safe drinking water to millions of vulnerable and low-class people who are economically ill and for those who cannot afford to pay bills for fresh water each month. Researchers have used sustainable materials and sunlight for purifying water.

Our world is using lots of resources to help other natural resources not to get depleted. Our planet is almost 70% water but if we see the freshwater percentage, that is, the water safe for drinking is only 3% out of the 70%. Due to some externalities such as climate change, pollution and shifting population patterns in most of the area and regions; this already scarce resource is becoming almost invisible and someday it will extinct if we don’t take any quick action towards it.

Water vulnerability is becoming a high risk these days causing sickness among children as well as adults and it is increasing our death ratio. According to some recent interesting facts, 1.42 billion people including 450 million children living in areas that don’t have regular access to fresh drinking water are suffering every day. In the coming decades if a situation like this still prevails, then it will get worse every day and no one would be able to prevent it. A proper study was done in which there were techniques and tricks to cure this scarcity, so that, everyone could have access to freshwater.