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There is a risk of early death when there is difference in blood pressure in between arms

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  • Jan 27, 2021

From an international study, it is confirmed that a difference in blood pressure readings in between arms can cause a serious health issue and it may directly harm to your heart. There are chances that you can get a heart attack, instant panic attacks, strokes and death. The circulation of blood is always in a random motion and when this motion get disturbed there is a chance of extreme pain and which is harmful for future also.  This was a research from the scientist who belongs to the University of Exeter, the global study and analysis was conducted and there was the collaboration research so according to the available research, they merged different data and these data are from the 24 global studies which will help to create a great database of nearly 54,000 people. This data was derived from different age group and from different countries like Europe, US, Africa and Asia for whom the reading of blood pressure for both the arms is available.

The whole study needed a lot of money and capital which was funded by the National Institute for Health Research. Every study needs to be published or else the whole purpose of the study will be of no use so it was published in Hypertensions. The study is the first to conclude that the greater the inner arm blood pressure, the greater the additional health and death risk. They are directly proportional to each other and it is widely observed that people don’t get their blood pressure measured. Currently international blood pressure guideline advice health professionals to measure their blood pressure in both the arms when they are accessing cardiovascular risk. There is a significant difference between the systolic blood pressure measurements in the two arms which could be an indicating of a narrowing.

What people generally do is that they don’t get both their arms checked they only depend on one hand and so the accurate results are not collected which is very harmful. Blood pressure rise and falls under a particular manner and it happens within a cycle with each pulse. It is measured in units of millimeters or you can say the base element is mercury (mmHg) and when you read the measurement, there is always two readings which is recorded, first is the upper reading which is known as systolic reading it represents the maximum amount of blood pressure and the second is lower reading which is also known as diastolic value it shows the minimum blood pressure. Hypertension is represented by high systolic blood pressure. The problem is affecting many people. It affects almost one third of the adult population and it is the only leading cause globally of heart attack, strokes and deaths.