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This Robot Brings Reality to Your Virtual Environment:

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  • Apr 27, 2021

First time in history, a virtual telepresence robot has been created by researchers using the utmost advanced technology and they are only graduate-level students of the VR Siddhartha Engineering College, Kanuru, India. This virtual robot with its unique characteristics, allows users to have a much realistic experience about what is happening at a particular place. One of the finest features of this technology is that it makes an individual feel like they are physically present in a remote area. It consumed a lot of effort and countless hours for the researchers to build this robot. Their project was supervised by a professor, Mr. V.N. Prudhvi Raj, who provided valuable insights such as the functioning of robots in a different model, various kind of techniques through which robots can capture perfect video data in a real time-frame which is a tedious task, as a robot is a movable device and it is difficult to get a stable or non-blur video.

Mani Babu Gorantla and Gandhi Sathya Venkata Krishna are the students who successfully created this. These researchers have completed their graduation in the discipline of electronics and instrumentation engineering. In an interview with TechXplore, they mentioned how they acquired inspiration from an article in an electronics magazine, which had information about the telepresence robots. Initially, they did not think of building this, but the article gave them a push to build it.

Besides, in remote areas, many incidents arise such as weather changes and accidents, which made it difficult to execute this invention. Among many features, an onboard camera is also installed in the robot to capture every small movement in the nearby area. Also, it allows users to do a live telecast of the events which the users can watch on their smartphones such that the interface can be a virtual reality headset. The data is automatically transmitted through a robot camera to a user’s smartphone.