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Twitter expands hate speech rules covering race, ethnicity and nationality

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  • Dec 28, 2020

There are lots of policies exist to avoid hate speech because it can hurt many individuals emotion and can lead to a severe kind of crime and hence to avoid these there should be rules made to avoid these. Twitter is again enhancing its hate speech rules. The company updated its rules to prohibit languages. There are many individuals who wish to say anything very openly and don’t think about the consequences they have to face in future. Nowadays user generated content is very much necessary and it is generated by almost every one. Sometime there comes a problem when users don’t think about the content they are delivering because they need to deliver the desired content for users.

The change can be seen more than two years after. Twitter first said it believes to ban language which shows dehumanize and more than six months from the last change to the policy, which prohibited hate speech related to the factor of age, disability and few disease. According to the latest, Twitter need users to omit tweets with dehumanizing language which target people based on their race, ethnicity. The company will always see tweets reported by users, and use highly advance technology to “proactively” detect obvious violations. Twitter introduce research that links dehumanizing language to offline violence. If you’re surprised that these sorts of comments aren't been barred up so far, you’re likely not alone thinking all this and obtain afraid. Other tech giant platforms, like Facebook, have had special sorts of hate speech rules on the books for several time. But Twitter has been much slower to form changes. The corporate first announced it might handle dehumanizing language in September 2018 following a personality against the corporate for its seeming cautious to ban Alex Jones. Within the quite two years since, the corporate has put a replacement name just three updates to the principles (in 2019, Twitter prohibited dehumanizing language targeting religious groups). Twitter says this isn’t uncertain but its wish to urge things right. 

The corporate notes that it works with outside groups and takes feedback from the public before executing changes in order to increase our understanding of cultural nuances and make sure we are able to impose our rules frequently. Censorship is very much important because a family don’t want their children to see bad things on the internet and get influenced by that and implement those bad habits in their life. For example there are many action movies and there are also many science fiction movies, generally who are not aware about the consequences start to do what is shown in the movie and it eventually results in heavy crime.