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What happen when light and atoms share a common vibe

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  • Jan 29, 2021

Scientists develop a demonstration which shows some common nature of light and atom at two different times. They proved this quantum superposition with measuring the relationship between the beam of lights and the vibration developed in it through the variation in frequencies and how atoms are pushing together to make a momentum and which creates a beam or you can say group of atoms, which are aligned and making a vibration. It is very hard to create such superposition. A very short laser pulse was used by the researchers to trigger a particular pattern of vibration which is happening inside a diamond crystal. The movement can be zig zag or straight line depends on the velocity and momentum of the particles. When a string is attached to a substance it is seen that there is an oscillation movement happening within the crystal, so accordingly in this process the atoms oscillation was synchronous across the entire covered region or illuminated region. A light of new colour is emitted and it happen because it has to conserve energy for the further process and the shifting is also there and the whole system shifted towards the red of the spectrum.

With the experiments, the classic picture is inconsistent. Instead of which it is said by some researchers that both light and vibration should be considered as particles or if it is told in a very scientific language we call it quanta. The light energy is something which is easily dispersed and in this process of  emitting and travelling it converts into discrete photons while vibration energy is quantized into these photons which is already named after the Greek word which says photo=light and phono=sound, when combine it becomes combination of light and vibration. The above described process may be seem complex in nature but it is the origin of new technology. Till now we are using the technology of video but what if I told you that we are able to have a holographic image system with the relation of this light and vibration. In future days, industries are getting prepared for it to develop devices which will use this technology. It is observed that the fission of an incoming photon from the laser into a pair of photon and photon to nuclear fission of an atom into two smaller pieces. Even two particles can lose their individuality when two particles come entangled. The only information that can be gathered and collected is the common correlation between them and how they reacts when come in actual physical contact. It can be demonstrated by actual performance of the two particles. By showing entangled between light and vibration in a crystal that one can hold their finger during the experiment, the new study creates a bridge between our daily experience and the realm of quantum mechanics.