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White House Chip Summit Builds Potential for Investments in U.S.

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  • Jun 09, 2021

The semiconductor industry is growing very fast and the semiconductor industry association has released a statement which is gathered by the president and CEO. But, they both have different perceptions of points of view towards this. Semiconductor industries are creating chips for the devices and the era of more modernized chips is yet to come. The statements gathered from the CEO and president regarding this topic and meeting conducted at the white house between Biden administration officials and the enthusiastic leaders from the semiconductor industry and other sectors to discuss on this agenda which tells about the mass shortage of chips. They also discussed, how chips are being used in a very much large amount, how they will build more advanced chips which have multiple efficiencies and can perform a dual-task at a particular period. There were other issues which were discussed by the leaders and the industrialist since we know the rate of supply chain establishment is increasing day by day and this agenda was raised how to manage the supply chain more effectively and what are the potential changes which are being seen in the supply chain systems.

Many renowned participants were leaders and CEOS of giant tech, retail, and another field. The participants who were available in the meeting were SIA board members Tom Caulfield, CEO of Global foundries, Pat Gelsinger, CEO of intel and Sanjay Mehrotra CEO of Micron Technology along with executives who have a lot of experience in these fields and there were also developers or manufacturers head present in that meeting, the senior executive member from SIA member companies present a different type of ideas with the collaboration of companies like NXP, Samsung and TSMC.

It was a very good move and it also enhances a better relationship with other companies and countries, and in this meeting, there were lots of things discussed that will help industries to grow their business and they will be able to produce more chips in coming days. There is a term which is known as transfer of technology which means if someone is having the most advanced technology then they can share their knowledge by trading something relevant to the technology and this meeting provoked this factor. This act should be appreciated by everyone as Joe Biden decides to support the worth of $50 billion in semiconductor manufacturing globally to industries.