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Why is a change to commissioning for health and social care required?

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  • Feb 08, 2021

The step towards delivering the joint model of health and social care needs to be implemented but for that their is a problem to do profound implications for commissioning the model. It is not a flexible task because for this whole process there are many complexity regarding the channel to provide solutions for the normal public because a different dimensional process is required for the same which has to be implicated according to the public or else the model will not be efficient. There are many different commissioning models exist in today’s era of different kind of domains. Talking about the few models there is national tariff, capitation or block contracting and NHS England specialized commissioning.

A barrier is seen to implement an integrated model of health and social care which is having different payment models within the same system. The process of transaction is different for the same model so there can be a technical problem or else the platform is not very much user friendly so people who are illiterate finds difficulty to access the platform and so they won’t be able to use the services of this model.

There can be many reason why the commissioning changes happening. The answer is very obvious and clear it is because people want easiest interface when they want any service. Health is one of the main factors of lifestyle and they should focus on their health because it is the only thing which is going to be constant till last breath. The best lifestyle will be according to the health of person. If person is healthy there are many things he can do and stay energized all the time they want and it will be very strategic and quick. It should be expected that there would be a unique system and that system should be very streamlined. Under the integrated care system framework there is more strategic commissioning and it is highly channelized. Within each system there is a proper operation for the commission of arrangement of single clinical system arrangements and it is a long term plan of NHS and it sets an expectation for the same. An easy solution for the customer is required when it is seeing that the CCGs across a single system very slowly start to begin to merge and adapt properly and formally.