Dec, 16 2022

Future and Current State of Data Centers: Examining How the Near Future Looks for Data Center Players

Currently, the demands for data centers do not seem to be slowing and instead are accelerating at a significant pace to meet the growing pace of digitalization trend being accepted by all of the industries globally. Although, the volume of expenditure incurred on data centers for this year has declined somewhat in the recent time, this expenditure amount is expected to pick the pace again for the forthcoming period. A number of factors are expected to promote this expenditure rate, some of which we will be covering and understanding in the following text:

  • Surging Digitalization Trend: One of the most obvious factors for expansion of data center demand is the rate at which the industries are exhibiting the demands for storage capacity and server workloads. This demand combined with the surging power expenditure required for maintenance of individual components in enterprises is resulting in various enterprises looking towards a unified solution to solve all their requirements and this unified solution can be utilized in the form of data centers. This surge of requirements will only expand as the Internet of Things technology is present all across the various industries
  • Internet of Things (IoT): Internet of Things as a technology will be responsible for more than half of the storage and server load requirements once it is established completely in various industries. The components responsible for appropriate operations of IoT technology will be credited with a large amount of data generation as they will require constant communication between other interconnected devices and maneuvering through this vast data volume would require better server systems that can handle these workloads.
  • Acquiring Integrated IT Infrastructure: Modern IT departments are looking towards an integrated infrastructure component to ensure that they do not have to delve into various different specified vendors to complete their IT infrastructure requirements. Instead of having to spend greater resources in completing their IT infrastructure there has been a trend of adopting an integrated IT infrastructure service to reduce expenditure and resource consumption by these enterprises
  • Software-Based Infrastructure Configuring: With the availability of advanced software solutions and technologically innovative services the need for manually configuring the workloads and managing the servers is also rectified with the help of software configuration making it possible for allocation of resources as and when the intensity of workload arrives. This helps in overall reduction of cost of operations while also promoting enhanced flexibility in an enterprise


To wrap it all up, these factors are just the few of the trends that we at Data Bridge Market Research think would help promote the utilization of data centers for the forthcoming period. To ensure that you are up to date with all of the latest news, technologies and for gaining greater insights into the Data Center Industry as a whole register for the Webinar at:

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