Innovation in telecom market along with technological upgradation is drastically uplifting. The information and communication industry is undergoing a lot of modification so as to bring out the best and to achieve the consumer satisfaction. This industry is experiencing acceleration since there is a change in trend and is steadily being a business model as well.
Data Bridge Market Research every year produces more than 1500 market access reports pertaining to ICT industry. In this domain DBMR caters to more than 500 top technological advancing industries. The portfolio includes sensors and controls, semiconductors materials and components, electronic systems and components, display technology, LED and lighting, security and surveillance, communication and connectivity technology, internet of things, battery and wireless charging, information systems and analytics, mobility and telecom, information security, analytics, software and services, satellite communication, artificial intelligence, smart infrastructure, physical safety, cloud computing, blockchain, cybersecurity research, IT cost optimization among many others.
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Top Trends for Internet and Communication Technology Industry for 2019

Machine Learning

Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence. Machine learning is an extensive application used in industries such as banking, retail and many more. The leading ICT industry is putting all its efforts in the development and upgradation of machine learning, making it better than ever before.

THz Frequencies

Tetrahertz or THz is a unit of frequency which intent to provide a high speed transmission of information between electronic devices. The best usage of THz is done by creating a wireless personal area network and wireless local area network.

Massive MIMO

MIMO is a digital standard used to transfer the data. The basic concept of massive MIMO is to supply root stations with arrays of antennas, which further are used to serve many terminals concurrently with same time-frequency.


It is predicted that the 6G technology will be available for use in almost 10 years. A research is ongoing regarding the use of THz frequency in 6G technology. With the emerging technology, it is assumed that soon 6G will be accessible.

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