With the advent of urbanization, smart work came into being. As the world is busy getting urbanized and want to invest the time in instant development, chemical and material industry took the charge of various sectors for their advancement. Other industries, to name a few like healthcare, electronics, food and beverages, pharmaceutical, construction, oil and gas and transportation, depend upon chemicals and materials industry for its elevation.
Data Bridge Market Research every year produces more than 1500 market access reports pertaining to Chemicals and materials industry. In this domain DBMR caters to more than 500 top companies dealing with chemicals and materials. The portfolio includes bio-based chemicals, industrial gases, green chemicals, agro chemicals, petrochemicals, organic chemicals, chemical additives and many more.
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The specialty chemicals market is majorly driven by the evolution of Shale gas which opened new avenues for petrochemicals production. Apart from the production, it robust growth from construction industries in the U.S. and in Asia-Pacific so as to boost its demands in future.
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The bulk chemicals and inorganics are primarily driven by high demand of 3D printing materials owing to exponential traction in 3D printing industry. Manufacturers are focusing on production of various goods including machine parts, equipment and even food products with the help of 3D printing.
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Plastic processing machines especially extruders are paving their way to high market growth and helping the machine segment in mesmerizing growth. Apart from machines, equipment and tooling are also growing globally owing to high demand of pre-insulated pipes in direct heating and cooling applications. Also, industrial pipes and tubes are gaining traction due to growing oil & gas industry.
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Coatings adhesives sealants and elastomers are extensively used in the applications of biotextile which includes medical garments, textile substrate for cell growth, textile implants, medical fabrics and many more.
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Top Trends for Chemical Industry for 2019

Silicone Adhesive and Sealant

With its gap filling property, silicon adhesive and sealant are widely used in general purposes like that of household. They are used to fix cracks by filling it with adhesive which would further prevent cracks from increasing more.

Self-healing materials

Self-healing is a technique which promises the long life of a product. Self-healing materials are those materials that are capable of repairing themselves so that self-maintenance could be achieved. Because of this tendency, self-healing materials are more in demand. Concrete is regarded as one with self-healing property hence used extensively all over the globe and is in high demand.

3D Printing Concrete

3D printing concrete creates new sensation in the world as it is a revolutionary method to fabricate houses. During the production process, there is no wastage of material. Since, printing is done on the spot; so there is no need for creating molds, which actually, saves the time and energy as well.

Phase change Materials

Material, that change their structure or physical state while undergoing absorption or release of latent heat are known to be phase change materials. It is now used in fibres and paint which acts as a conditioner for the houses or offices so as to maintain accommodating temperature for a suitable lifestyle.

Smart Coating

Smart coating is a material that after detection responds to the environment. This respond to the stimulus can now be created artificially other than that of plants. Hydrophilic and hydrophobic nature of environment can be detected by those coating or paints and responds equally to the action or the environment.

Cathode Materials

For the moving of electron, cathode is used. It is mainly used in batteries. Cathode material contributed to the significant cost (20-25%) of lithium ion batteries. In 2019, these materials will continue to be in the Centre of research and development.

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