Fast Moving Consumer Goods or FMCG is a steady growing industry over the past years. The industry is experiencing many changes and reinventing the way they operate because it is a source of talent for other companies or sectors.

Data Bridge Market Research every year produces more than 1500 market access reports pertaining to FMCG industry. In this domain DBMR caters to more than 500 top technological advancing industries. The portfolio includes household and personal care, consumer electronics, DIY products, grocery and many more.

Apparel, Footwear and Accessories

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Apparel, Footwear and Accessories

Boom in housing sector on a global level coupled with the rising spending towards home furnishing is expected to remain one of the key driving factor. Furthermore, the revolution of work-from-home as a result of imposition of lockdowns in countries amid COVID-19 outbreak has played a key role in increasing expenditure towards home bedding, furniture, pillows, and cookware products.

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Electronics and Electrical Equipment

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Electronics and Electrical Equipment

The incorporation of smart features in consumer electronic goods as a result of technological advancement related to the improved internet connectivity on a global level is expected to have a positive impact of electronics and electrical equipment. Moreover, new product launches in wearable segment including Bluetooth speakers, wireless microphones/headphones and smart watches is expected to open new market avenues over the next few years

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Top Trends for FMCG Industry for 2022

Rise in spending on recreation activities among the consumers is expected to promote the scope of glamping

Glamping is that type of camping that involves luxurious accommodation and advanced facilities as compared with conventional camping. This type of camping is available in the form of cabins & pods, yurts, tents, and treehouses. Over the past few years, the glamping market has been gaining momentum as the consumers are increasing spending on enjoying outdoor recreation with the best comfort features.

Grow in demand for smart kitchen appliances

Smart appliances are smart-featured connected devices that are available in the form of refrigerators, cookware, dishwashers, ovens, cooktop, and range cookers. Shifting inclination towards smart appliances in the household on account of their ability to provide time-to-time notifications, excellent energy efficiency, simplified cooking, and extra-convenience features is expected to promote the market demand shortly.

Adoption of k-beauty products among consumers as natural cosmetic products

K-Beauty (Korean Beauty) products are available in the form of cleansers, moisturizers, makeup remover, exfoliator, toner, and sheet masks. The majority of k-beauty products comprise natural ingredients such as ginseng, aloe vera, honey, bee venom, and tea tree oil. Consumers are increasingly adopting these products on account of their composition of effective natural ingredients and innovative formulas.

The sustainable athleisure market is expected to gain momentum

Sustainable athleisure includes yoga pants, leggings, top wear, and shorts. These products are composed of materials including organic cotton, recycled materials, and plant-based fabrics. Rising spending among consumers towards maintaining wellness and personal grooming along with strong awareness regarding sustainable development is expected to promote the utility of sustainable athleisure.

Grow in demand for eco-friendly toys among consumers

Sustainable toys are composed of biodegradable raw materials such as renewable wood, linen, cotton, and bamboo. They are manufactured without the release of chemical toxins and greenhouse gases. Shifting inclination among parents from conventional synthetic toys to biodegradable toys due to the latter’s harmless features is expected to promote the utility of these products shortly.

Increase in consumer willingness towards paying premiums to vegan fashion

Over the past few years, consumers have been increasingly preferring clothing and accessories which are made from cruelty-free sources. Furthermore, the shifting consumers’ focus towards animal wellbeing and safety, has been contributing to increased acceptance of various vegan apparel products including accessories, clothing, and footwear.

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