The semiconductor and electronics industry reported is to experience a constant growth from the very beginning of its introduction. This industry is often regarded as the enabler of technology for the entire electronics block.
Data Bridge Market Research every year produces more than 1500 market access reports pertaining to SE industry. In this domain DBMR caters to more than 500 top technological advancing industries. The portfolio includes sensors and controls, semiconductors materials and components, electronic systems and components, display technology, LED and lighting, security and surveillance, communication and connectivity technology, internet of things, battery and wireless charging, information systems and analytics, mobility and telecom, information security, analytics, software and services, satellite communication, artificial intelligence, smart infrastructure, physical safety, cloud computing, blockchain, cybersecurity research, IT cost optimization among many others.
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Top Trends for SE Industry for 2019

Transistor type at 3nm

Chip makers are now gearing up for the development of cutting-edge transistor type at 3nm. The technology is expected to revolutionize the semiconductor industry thoroughly.

Sensor fusion

Sensor fusion technology is becoming popular as it combines the data from a variety of sensors so as to offer crucial information more accurately than each sensor count delivered on its own. Combining sensor monitoring with RFID helps customers to identify the precise location of products at short and long ranges.

5G will reshape mobile industry and drive prospective innovation in IoT

5G technology can be delivered as platform as a service (PaaS), helping enterprises or industries to completely leverage their internet of things (IoT) solutions for their clients.

Artificial intelligence to look beyond GPUS for high-performance computing

Artificial intelligence is so much in demand. It is advance and companies are striving on improvement of features like energy efficiency, responsiveness, and flexibility to challenge the supremacy of GPUs which would enhance its market as well.

Digital Twin technology: A next revolutionary impact on Industry 4.0

With the assistance of digital twin software, companies are utilizing all trending technologies such as AI, IoT, Industrial 4.0 as well as predictive maintenance measures to optimize their production and to achieve the most out of their business investments

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