Healthcare is a sector which is a need of the society. It is an industry providing goods and services to treat patients. It is the only sector that is prone to fluctuation hence growing steadily year by year. With the rising population, this sector is becoming need rather than being a requirement for the people

Data Bridge Market Research every year produces more than 1000 market access reports pertaining to Healthcare industry. In Healthcare DBMR portfolio includes Diagnostic Devices, Orthopedic Devices, General Surgery Product Lines, Anesthesia and Respiratory Devices, Diabetes Care Devices, Hospital Supplies, Wound Care Management, Ophthalmic Devices, Drug Delivery Devices, Nephrology Devices, Neurology Devices, Cardiology Devices, ENT Devices, Dental Devices, Urology Devices, Gynecology Devices among others in Medical Devices Segment. Other industries that DBMR cater to in Healthcare are Pharmaceuticals, In Vitro Diagnostics, Laboratory Services, Healthcare Services, Epidemiology Studies, Reimbursement and Country Healthcare Reports, Healthcare IT, Nanotechnology, Diagnostic Services and Consumables, Telehealth, Emerging Technology in Healthcare among others.
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Information technology with healthcare goes hand in hand. With the introduction of new technologies in healthcare, accuracy and patient’s satisfaction can be achieved. Information technology not only enhanced the way how healthcare used to work but also provided a new definition to the healthcare. The ease in diagnose and treatment is attained.
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In vitro diagnostic are the test performed outside the human body in an artificially suitable environment. Due to the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, the demand for these diagnostic is increasing which is directly affecting the healthcare sector.
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For the ease of diagnosing, medical devices are used in a healthcare industry. Medical devices can range from a single syringe to heavy MRI machines. Medical devices assist doctors in the treatment, providing a great deal of management of time.
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Pharmaceutical industry is a vital part and companion of healthcare industry. This industry keeps a track on the healthcare industry by providing the required drugs and medicines for the treatment. With the growth of this industry, healthcare industry is equally flourishing.
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Top Trends for Healthcare Industry for 2019

Artificial intelligence transforming the future of Healthcare:

In healthcare, artificial intelligence refers to the automated systems used to diagnose and treat patients. Innovation in artificial intelligence is modifying the healthcare sector by assisting doctors in providing accurate diagnosis. Since healthcare sector is partially dependent on artificial intelligence, the future of this industry is expected to flourish under the companionship of artificial intelligence.

Chatbots riding the wave of digital transformation

Extensive application of chatbots in the healthcare industry and innovation in technology with greater adoption of Artificial intelligence is likely to create opportunities in this market.

Medical Robotics to continue to evolve for surgical applications

With an increasing adoption of machines, more precisely, Robotics in the areas of complex surgeries, the surgical planning is being changed. Development and innovation is being done in that medical robotics and are expected to transform the medical sectors with its presence

Medtech IoT to cross the $25 billion mark by 2019

MedTech companies face capability gaps in safeguarding the devices against data vulnerabilities. Robust data governance, and greater collaboration between manufacturers and providers, especially focused on the deployment use cases, is required on an ongoing basis as the technology environment develops and scales

Exploring blockchain for the management and interoperability of patient data

With recent demand for blockchain in healthcare industry gave a good scope for patient driven interoperability unlike earlier times which mainly focuses on data exchange between business entities. With this patients now can receive their reports online, take appointments, smart contracts and share clinical EHR data between hospitals.

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