Dec, 16 2022

Surgical Robots: Analyzing their Trajectory for the Future

Surgical robots are specially designed powered devices that are utilized to operate on patients and to perform different variations of surgeries. Considering all of the hype around these technologically-advanced devices, we have to think long and hard regarding its benefits as well as its limitations before we can actually conclude whether or not these robots are having the correct impact on the surgical applications or not.

The debate for deciding whether or not the benefits of surgical robots should take over entirely in the healthcare facilities is still pretty open, as the controversies surrounding these robots are arising recently, this has ensued concerns amongst the authorities and patients alike, as the recent incidences of these robots causing complications during a surgical procedure as well as the costs associated with these surgeries are massively inflated instead of a conventional procedure. Although the manufacturers are presenting innovations and advancements in their product range to enhance the capabilities of their products; still this focus has brought about a negative clout over these robots.

Recently, the manufacturers of these robots have prompted the expansion of applications which these robots can perform and have also initiated expansive marketing practices targeting the mindsets of patients and physicians alike to enhance their rate of adoption. This is having a positive impact for these manufacturers amid preference of patients to experience significantly low-rate of invasions as it can help lead to a shorter recovery period and lack of complications.

Even with all the controversies and complications, the innovations and growing incidences relating to the population suffering from chronic disorders gives reasons to suggest that the market will experience a healthy rate of growth taking into account all of the limitations and benefits.


Surgical robots are expected to undergo a massive expansion for their demand in the healthcare market as the need for minimally invasive surgical procedures are rising daily. Although, the number of surgical robot models performing the procedures globally are very limited considering the unmet needs of surgeries and comparing them with the number of operations which take place on a daily-basis.

Along with the positives, the market will also likely experience a number of factors which are likely to inhibit their growth rate, many of which range from the massive concerns arising due to the fact that a number of complicated incidences are flooding the market relating to the procedures with these devices. This is forcing the authorities to present strict regulatory compliances before these devices can be commercialized and utilized for a larger surgical application.

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We have analyzed with the innovations that the manufacturers are bringing about and the volume of population belonging to the geriatric group, the number of procedures utilizing the assistance of robots will improve and that will be due to the fact that the patients will suffer from a large-number of disorders in the future providing the players to with the potential to enhance their market shares and revenues.

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