Dec, 16 2022

Surgical Robots: Countering the Controversies Surrounding Surgical Robots with Innovations of Technology and Robotic Systems

Surgical robots are still a very controversial area of modern-day medicine, some facilities are focusing on the positive side of these robots whereas some are voicing their concern regarding the lack of clinical evidence recorded for their effectiveness in treatment of patients, and with various recent incidences suggesting that these devices do not offer benefits over and above any conventional surgeons due to the complications arising in patients in some areas of therapeutic applications. Recent evidences exhibits that the difference of opinions of these individuals has balanced itself out, from when it was in the favor of adoption of surgical robots.

Presently, the market of surgical robots can still be classified as pretty niche considering that the products which have been approved and commercialized by the authorities of different regions only cover certain aspects of the clinical requirements that are still unmet. Although, still niche the market is expanding at a healthy rate of growth considering all of the hype and complications involved with their usage.

This growth rate has translated into expansion of clinical applications strategy adopted by a number of manufacturers and market players.

  • Corindus, Inc. recently exhibited the effectiveness of their “CorPath GRX” system in robot-assisted percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) by performing a live complex procedure during the EuroPCR 2019 conference held in Paris, France in May 2019.
  • Preceyes BV has recently initiated the world’s first clinical trial for vitreoretinal eye surgery in May, 2019. They also received the CE marking for their “PRECEYES Surgical System R1.1” designed for assisting surgeons’ vitreoretinal intervention under local anesthesia.
  • “Monarch Platform” developed by Auris Health, Inc. had received the clearance of U.S. FDA in March, 2018. This approval suggests transformations that the market is trying to bring about in surgical robots and robotic systems.

The above-mentioned recent advances and innovations suggest the focus of the manufacturers in silencing the critics of surgical robots by developing effective product range that has been clinically tested and approved by the authorities for each and every indication that the company are hoping to target.


Though, the market will flourish in the forthcoming years or decades even and expand at a healthy level the robots will still be utilized as aids for surgeons in a number of scenarios rather than handing over the reins completely to these robots. This is due to the fact that the significant costs of these surgical robots will act as a stumbling block for various healthcare facilities even when various manufacturers are consolidating their position in the market.

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