Over the past ten years, Mexico's stainless steel industry has grown significantly due to various reasons, including rising demand from the industrial, construction, and automotive industries. This case study examines how foundry manufacturers have been able to find lucrative investment possibilities by examining production trends across several locations in Mexico.


Mexico has become a major participant in the global stainless steel market. The industry is divided into a number of sectors, such as foundry manufacture, fabrication, and production of stainless steel. Foundries are essential to the production of stainless steel components for a wide range of industrial uses.

Client Challenges

A leading stainless steel manufacturing company in Mexico faced difficulties in analyzing the state level of production and consumption analysis for stainless steel. Seeking a reliable and durable solution, they decided to explore asphalt-based waterproofing systems.

Production and Consumption Analysis: The client faced difficulty in understanding the country as well as state-level competition, including (Northern Mexico, Central Mexico, Eastern Mexico, Western Mexico And Southern Mexico) among the various players, which include the local players and country as well as international players

Sales Chain Complexity: The client was seeking a road map from the sales distribution channel selection to the distribution of stainless steel to the end user industry

Industry Trends: The client was inquiring about the roadmap, starting from the selection of raw materials to the distribution of stainless steel to end-users, which includes the following data set:

  • Go to Market Strategies
  • Total Addressable Market
  • Government Guidelines
  • Import and Export Analysis
  • Price Analysis
  • Government Rule and Regulations

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