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Market Situation

Over the past few years, edible packaging has emerged as one of the key sustainable packaging solutions in the food and beverage industry. These packaging forms are manufactured by using sustainable materials namely seaweed or casein which are applied as a consuming wrapping or coating around the food products. As a result, the consumers can consume food products along with coating which results in reducing the dependency on plastic as packaging materials along with limiting the generation of less waste.

Client Challenges

The client from the food and beverage industry has been facing the following challenges:

  • The client faced issues in terms of increasing cost to reduce the pollution count for generation from plastic waste
  • Client had received multiple feedbacks from customers of the food products, who are concerned about the hygiene and hazardous effects associated with the packaging of the finished goods

Our Approach

Working closely with the leading food processing companies, we have identified the following opportunities to increase the use of edible packaging among buyers:

  • Identification of Companies Who Could be the Prospecting Buyers

The majority of companies are aware of sustainable packaging as a result of the implementation of various regulatory norms to reduce the inclusion of synthetic packaging materials coupled with increasing concerns among buyers regarding hygiene. Therefore, we have identified dairy products and processed meat as the key segments where the prospect of edible packaging as a sustainable solution could not be ignored. For instance, the incorporation of antimicrobial filming by chitosan-based edible films on cheese products will result in enhancing the shelf life of the finished goods in the near future.

  • Implementation of Green Marketing as a Tool for Enhancing the Penetration

Green Marketing is known as the marketing of products and offerings which are supported by numerous environmental factors. As per the notification of the American Marketing Association, green marketing is defined as the marketing of products that are presumed to be environmentally safe. As a result, the adoption of green marketing is expected to play a crucial role in enhancing the awareness of edible packaging among buyers over the next few years.

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