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Yarns made from recycled materials, such as post-consumer or post-industrial waste, are referred to as multi-functional recycled yarns since they are made to do a variety of tasks. Yarns are frequently made by repurposing plastics, fabrics, or other materials that have been used or abandoned to generate new yarns with improved qualities.

Consumer awareness of environmental sustainability has significantly increased in recent years, which has prompted the industry to look at eco-friendly alternatives. There has been a noticeable trend towards sustainability in the textile and garment business, which is well-known for its negative environmental effects. This case study explores the strategic choice made by a client company to develop and invest in bio-based polyester yarn to satisfy the growing need for recycled yarns with various uses in the clothing industry.

Client Challenges:-

  • Consumer Interest: The client inquired about the level of consumer interest in purchasing apparel crafted from recycled yarns. The core of market dynamics is consumer interest, which drives industries and shapes trends. It includes all of the wants, preferences, and values that influence what people choose to buy. Companies that anticipate and fulfil these expectations, remain aware of how consumers are changing, encourage innovation, and create enduring relationships with custom experiences and goods are thriving
  • Supply Chain Complexity: The client was seeking a road map from the raw material selection to the distribution of recycled yarn final apparel to the end user
  • Competition with Traditional: The client faced difficulty in understanding the region as well as country-level competition among the various players which include the local players and international players

Fashion Industry Trends:

The client was inquiring about the process roadmap, starting from the selection of raw materials to the distribution of final recycled yarn apparel to end-users which includes the following data set

  • Go To Market Strategies
  • Total Addressable Market
  • Serviceable Available Market
  • Government Guidelines
  • Import And Export Analysis

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