Market Situation

The manufacturing companies have been increasing spending on enhancing production efficiency along with limiting the cost. Furthermore, the shifting inclination towards sustainable manufacturing has paved the way for shop floor owners to prospect for engineering solutions that would not only limit the lead time but also reduce environmental waste. As a result, the inclusion of coatings solutions is expected to emerge as one of the key preventive maintenance tools that are projected to resolve the concerns of the manufacturers.

Client Challenges:-

The client from the metalworking industry has been facing the following challenges:-

  • Increased time for hot sealing
  • Large amount of generation of drag out and waste
  • High spending on combating the foaming issue

Our Approach

The research team connected with the buyers of aluminum metalworking segments who are actively using conventional metalworking fluids in their assembly lines. It has been revealed that the introduction of such solutions is helping to cut costs and limit the resource count during the application of coatings the metal parts such as steel and aluminum. These coating additives are capable of ensuring a long-life etching effect for outstanding finish and high productivity.

Conventionally, aluminum metal reacts with oxygen in ambient air and other weathering influences, which results in an undesirable and unaesthetic oxide layer. The inclusion of effective coating additives results in converting the outermost aluminum layer into a controlled thin and smooth oxide skin. As a result, the inclusion of high-performance additives in the formulation of metalworking fluids induces the protection of the surface from further oxidization.

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