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The healthcare industry is undergoing a transformative shift, driven by advancements in healthcare informatics solutions for streamlining the workflow of daily operational activities. The early 1970s experienced the adoption of computer systems for digital image storage and retrieval. Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) emerged in the 1990s, allowing radiologists to store, view, and distribute digital medical images electronically. PACS started to replace film-based storage and film readers, significantly improving the efficiency and accessibility of radiological images.

Challenges Faced By Client:

The client faced several challenges in vendor qualification for the RIS suite to be deployed for a radiology hospital having a presence in multiple sites. Some of the major criteria put forth by the client in assessing the appropriate vendor were as follows:

  • Compatible with all industry-related EMR and PACS Modules
  • High Reporting Volumes
  • Capacity: High Single Digit Petabytes
  • Comparison Mapping of each Brand with another RIS solution
  • Vendor Capability Mapping Index inclusive of the following parameters:

    • Survivability
    • Support Services
    • Availability
    • Architecture
    • Localization

      • Mandatory: Country 1
      • Nice to have: scalable to other APAC Countries

    • Cost Analysis
    • Scalability

      • Large Number of Reports per day
      • Support hundreds of sites and doctors

    • Options for Customization

The client approached Data Bridge Market Research to address these aforementioned complex challenges and to understand the vendor qualification process that can provide suitable vendors for the requirements with the capacity to scale to other countries. Data Bridge Market Research, a trusted market research consulting firm renowned for its expertise in procurement consulting analyzed the feasibility of the project. Furthermore, the client wanted to know about the costs associated with the implementation of the data migration services to shift to cloud-based deployment. DBMR conducted a comprehensive analysis of the vendor operating in the region, and parameters associated with the capability matrix, and provided actionable insights to guide the client's vendor qualification process.

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