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Google’s look to speak lets users pick phrases with their eyes

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  • Jan 29, 2021

Technology driven world is at a very fast pace. Several applications come with heaps of options which might change your lives and it'll go highly simple and frequent. Any issue you are facing, you'll be able to simply have a glance on your screen. Have you ever thought what if somebody is aware of what you're thinking, simply by your gestures just like the movement of your eyebrows. It is very amazing for the readers that how they will be using the face gesture method to let them put down their thoughts and google is helping from its side to make it more easy and comfortable and you don’t need a high advance system. Google latest accessibility app might facilitate people with motor and speech impairments to speak. “Look to speak” includes range of phrases that users will choose with their eyes. This app is currently accessible on devices running on the latest android version and is facilitating people with advance technology and very simple user interface.

Look to speak includes variety of phrases that users will choose with their eyes. The app is now working on the latest android software and you can access the app anywhere you stand on the planet. Users will look left or right to navigate the app and choose from an inventory of customizable phrases that are scan aloud. Look to speak uses a device's front-facing camera to trace whether the user wants to go and how they have to access the interface. The device is very much portable and you just need to mount it on the desired portion of your body properly and the rest is the work of machine and algorithm. You can regulate the eye gaze sensitivity, whereas wanting upwards snoozes the app. The privacy is very much important as google don’t share your personal data to any third party or outsource. This feature is very amazing and people are almost prepared to use it because this is a very advance technology and it will change the shape of future. Now if you can’t talk you can express what you feel through your face gestures and so that you don’t need any one to support you. This is just you and your smartphone and you can just type through your gestures. The development of this app is done through some algorithm which is highly coded by the developers in google and it also uses machine learning. The automated moderation is also used because nowadays people are very much dependent on the software and they want to save their time at every possible level so this supplication is much needed. The developers will also get profit from this as the developing cost will be recovered by the government and the number of downloads on google play store.