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3D Holographic Head Up Display Waves Adieu to Road Accidents:

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  • Jul 08, 2021

Nowadays, road accidents are becoming a huge risk for life. Since past few years, the no. of accidents has been increased which leads to reduction of population. Currently researchers have developed a new technology which is helpful in the betterment of road safety. This is a growing technology as the holographs are now used at many places. This LiDAR based augmented reality head up display is now ready to use in vehicle. The traffic police are not enough to control the road accidents because they won’t be able to control an automobile failure. Through this development, people might have a higher chance of saving their lives. Being attentive is essential while driving to know the whereabouts of our surrounding. This is an amazing prototype and it is believed that it will be a great success in coming future. Researchers are able to prove that accidents happen due to many reasons because of few tests running on this prototype version of the technology. These tests suggests that it could improve road safety by seeing through objects which alerts of potential hazards without even distracting the driver.

It has taken a lot of efforts and money to develop this technology and in developing this technology, many researchers who are highly expert in the field of science and technology put in their efforts, researchers from Cambridge University, Oxford University  successfully put their knowledge tools, time and efforts to build this amazing technology of high definition display of beams which is directed to the eye of driver instead of a 2D windscreen projection which is traditionally and commonly used.

While the technology has not yet been tested in a car; the early tests, based on data collected from a busy street in central London, showed that the holographic images appear in the driver's field of view according to their actual position, creating an augmented reality. This could be particularly useful where objects such as road signs are hidden by large trees or trucks, for example, allowing the driver to 'see through' visual obstructions. The results are reported in the journal optical express and in many online reports. It is being incorporated into connected vehicles and usually projects components like speed fuel management etc.