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A Recipe for Regenerating the Lost Hair:

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  • Apr 23, 2021

In today’s era, scientists are developing new theories which can be helpful for our society in terms of providing easy solutions to some problems. The invention rate has become very high with the growing technology and the growing number of people. Useful items are being made by scientist and for this development; they use high-tech labs which has many advance tools which developed things like meat and diamonds to retinas and other organoids. A team is actively trying to regenerate lost hair from stem cells and they are working on it at a very fast rate. While doing this research, researchers found out that a population of hair follicle stem cells is present in the skin, and a recipe for normal cyclical regeneration was made in the lab. Researchers have now successfully developed a full-fledged recipe for continuous cyclic regeneration and this process will help many individuals and patients to recover their hair loss. It was all done by the researchers from the RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research which is situated in Japan. The researchers did this research and they took some of the things like fur and whisker cells from a full-grown mouse and clustered them all in the laboratory with other different types of biological ingredients which they think was necessary for the discovery.

Lots of combinations were used to achieve a sure sort result by which things could go normal and effective on the other hand. Researchers used almost 220 combinations of ingredients and these combinations include different types of factors like the NFFSE medium which is responsible for amplification. The amplification process is one of the key factors which is useful for the development of stem cells and this process is believed to work in the shortest period.

People nowadays want to be confident with their looks and are really very concerned about it because they want to look finest in all. Hair growth is a process that is known to be cyclic and in this process, a pattern is followed by hair. In the case of mammals hair grows every time they lose them. Hair grows in a particular manner or phase and this phase is called as anagen phase and the process of falling hair is called telogen phase. Thus, a successful hair regeneration treatment must give a production of hair that eventually recycles and use everything again and again.