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Achieving Gender Equity in Financial Services

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  • May 05, 2021

In the recent past, the women workforce or leaders have increased especially in financial services because of their potential, hard work, and thought process. To achieve gender equity more such progress is needed. The percentage of women working in finance shows rapid growth and their leadership role is also growing but still it’s a long way to go. There are many countries in which women account for over half of the entry-level workforce in financial services. They have reached the highest level within firms and their numbers at the top continue to grow, albeit slowly. After all this progress of women in higher positions, women still represent only one out of five positions in the financial services. We need to do find more ways to put women in the frontend of an organization so they can represent properly and make relevant decisions. There still needs a lot of effort to achieve gender parity in the financial services sector.

Women's workforce can be increased with different types of methodology. Organizations should opt. for a rule where they will have to balance men to women workforce ratio so they both can contribute from their end precisely. A collaborative initiative should be taken by all the organizations. These campaigns should be performed in routine and they should be monitored by experts to make sure there are no glitches. Women's advancement in leadership is very crucial and there should be more women's faces in policymaking. A survey was conducted where more than 14000 employees at 39 financial services companies were analyzed and were asked few questions about their lifestyle and cubical environment.

Global relevance data should be achieved and it can only be done by research organizations. Women should get upfront and grow to be senior executives of the company because their thought process is certainly distinct and if you see from a different angle then their decision-making is truly multidimensional. It covers all the aspects of the event, hence making them an important asset for the company. A clear business sense is that more than 90% of the companies should be assessed.