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Addiction is Harmful, Especially Internet

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  • Jun 07, 2021

In the technology-driven world, we humans rely heavily on the internet because it is a reliable source of information that is almost accurate and leads us to a particular solution. In the past years, people used to communicate with their loved ones through letters and simple mobile phones. They did not have smartphones or any kind of search engine to know the current trends and techniques happening all around the world, especially in markets. It is believed that time spent on the internet can be informative, effective, instructive, and even pleasant but there are lots of harmful consequences as well.

If you see, there is significant literature existing on the exclusive harm caused due to children’s problematic excess internet use and how they have become addicted to it. Rather than using modern sources to extract knowledge and information, they use them for playing games and other fun activities. According to research and reports, the average screen time of people is rapidly increasing. The influence of the internet is a good thing because we can collect facts and figures but on the other hand, it also has lots of harmful effects.

For instance, when a child hits his/her age of puberty; he/she develops new hormones that are very much inclined towards the new and interesting thing. A new study examines PIU’S effect on older adolescents. There are lots of teenagers who don’t remember life before the internet. They have grown up in a world where everything is connected through the internet. Coming online has become one of their most crucial and main source of learning, entertaining, and socializing. Some children, when seeing anything on the internet, try to replicate those things in their daily lifestyle because they were made to believe that things happening on TV or the internet can happen in real life as well. But the internet is not a reality. The researchers identified three principal determinants of PIU among adolescents. The first was considered loneliness, defined as a lack of satisfying interpersonal relationships or perceived inadequacy of social networks. Lots of studies have pointed out that most parents worry because they fear losing their child due to their easy addiction.