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Advancement in Wind Turbine Technology Could Give Us More Reliable Power Source

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  • Sep 09, 2021

Wind turbines are used to convert wind power into a more useful form of energy, that is, electricity. Nowadays, as the generation is moving towards the renewable and cleaner source of energy, power generation from wind proves to be a good and sustainable option. The electricity demand is on the rise as we are making more technological advancements. The global use and utilization of wind power are surely presenting a promisingly increasing tapped renewable resource. Despite the many technological advancements made in upgrading wind-powered systems, a systematic and reliable way to assess competing technologies has been a challenge. The competition is increasing day by day in the sector of power generation. Researchers have been using the data science method and different types of ideas from the domain of social sciences to compare the performance of different types of wind turbine engines.

In a new case study, researchers at Texas A&M University, in collaboration with international energy industry partners, used advanced data science methods and insights from the social sciences to compare the performance of different wind turbine designs. "There is currently no method to validate whether a newly developed technology will increase the production and efficiency of wind energy by a certain amount," said Dr. Yu Ding, Professor at Mike and Sugar Barnes in the Department of Industry at World Cup Michael Barnes '64 and System Engineering. "With this study, we are delivering a practical solution to a problem that has existed in the wind industry for a long time," he added further Wind turbines convert the energy transmitted by the air that hits their rotor blades into electrical energy. In 2020, approximately 8.4% of all electricity produced in the United States was generated from wind energy. In addition, over the next decade, the Department of Energy plans to increase the wind energy footprint in the power sector to 20% in order to meet the country's ambitious climate goals. In line with this goal, new technologies are booming, especially in the case of rotor blades, which promise an increase in the performance of wind turbines.