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AI Being Exploited by Humans

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  • Aug 06, 2021

These days artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining a lot of popularity and most of the businesses are working on the model of AI. It is a technology which can solve your problem with just a click. Artificial intelligence is highly advance and it can help grow any business or services at a very high rate. AI usage can reduce most of the manpower and hence many things can be done very quickly. Artificial intelligence service is highly reliable and trustworthy and people can have implicit faith on it. Artificial intelligence make people do any work quite easily as it is very much user friendly. Thus, a lot of time is saved through the use of artificial intelligence. But on the other hand we can see that people do not cooperate with machines and make compromises. Instead of it, they take advantage of them and exploit it very much. For an instance, if you see a normal car coming towards you and you suddenly sees an automated car with no person driving in it then what will be your reaction on this, you must feel that technological era have gone so far and hence people started believing in machines a lot.

The study published in the iScience Magazine discovered that upon their first rendezvous with AI, people have the same level of confidence in AI as that of another person. They expect to meet someone who is willing to work together. The difference comes afterwards. People are much less ready to respond to AI and instead take advantage of its benevolence for their own benefit. Back, for an instance, a human driver would give way to another person, but not to an automatically driven car.

“We put people in the position of someone who is interacting with an artificial means for the first time, as could happen in traffic” explains Dr. Jurgis Karpus, behavioral game theorist and philosopher at LMU Munich and first author of the book. The study identifies this lack of will to engage with machines as a new challenge for the future of Human AI interactions.